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Lauren Fisk 

30 Radford Way
Billericay, CM12 0DA
United Kingdom

Essex based, maternity, new born and baby photographer 

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Miss Fisk

I am in love with photography.

I am obsessed with capturing moments...which is why for years I have made scrap books that illustrate my life through images. This passion for all things printed truly took off when I studied and graduated with a fine art and photography Degree from the University of Kent. I began to learn and put into practice the true knowledge and understanding of light and imagery.

My passion and love for baby photography started at home, whilst photographing family and friends. "You should do this for a living" become a common remark from loved ones so I undertook further training and am now living out my dream career.

My style is modern and fresh and with that I believe that your own visions and interests should be accommodated to meet your desired end product. It could be anything from a passion for baking to horse riding or you even want a family pet to be involved anything's possible! (Believe me we've done it). 

I have a wide array of props available but please feel free to bring your own items if you want to personalise your shoot.